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Race proven, time tested and created for the ride from the ride, Ritchey continues to be the standard for ride quality. Anything but standard, shop Ritchey and discover why no other bike component has been trusted by more bicycle brands or teams than Ritchey.

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It started with a broken frame- an education from failure. Forged in the flickering of a torch; the brazing of intelligent design and structural soundness. Honed in years of pedigree and knowledge in search for perfection that's just one ride away from being found. The expereince is the ride. The ride is Ritchey.


It can be said that Ritchey steel bike frames are as iconic as the European masters that came before. Truly contemporary classics, Ritchey bike frames are for discerning cyclists who want a timeless bicycle that is sure to be the subject of discussion at any club ride or local. From the forged, machined headtube to the force directional, location-specific butted tubing, Ritchey bikes are more than classy steel frames. They're a logical choice when looking to build up your next dream bike.

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Recognized around the world for setting the standard, yet being anything but standard, Ritchey handlebars are the choice of pros and enthusiasts alike for their unrelenting performance. Ritchey has long sought to provide top-of-the-line equipment by making the best possible equipment at the best possible price for everyone. Find out why Ritchey is continually beats the competition.

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As an industry leader, Ritchey stems are found on the bikes of the world's most successful riders in every discipline of cycling. When it comes to high-end bicycle cockpits, Ritchey stems tie it all together with precision performance and undoubtable reliability. Anything but standard, Ritchey stems are some of the finest stems on the market, without breaking the bank.

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An unequivocal champion in seatpost design, Ritchey seatposts are deceptively simple and packed with benefits. The Link system has subtle compliance built into it to offset road harshness as much as 12% more than a standard seatpost. The 1-Bolt system offers a simple approach with an elegantly designed side load saddle clamp. Ritchey posts benefit from the “less-is-more” philosophy in offering some of the best, lightest, race-ready gear at an attainable price.

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Years of testing and abuse have lead to some of our greatest innovations. Ritchey saddles include features like Vector Wing technology, which alleviates pressure points in sit bones while dispersing ride vibrations and harshness. Vector Evo is a unique take on single rail saddle systems that not only weigh well below the competition, but offer 25% more ride compliance which calculates to longer time in the saddle.

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The critical interface between frame, fork and stem, the headset is the basis for precision steering. You don't notice a headset that performs properly, but your ride can be ruined by a bad one. Ritchey headsets are designed to take the abuse of bad roads and tough trails, while delivering smooth, reliable performance for countless miles.

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Decades of innovation, countless miles of testing and a ceaseless quest for perfection become apparent every time you clip into (or out of) a Ritchey pedal. Free from the hassle of proprietary systems, Ritchey bicycle pedals deliver smooth engagement, reliability and confidence for every pedal stroke.

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While the industry pushes for stiffer and more harsh riding bikes, Ritchey focuses on the ride quality of the bike. Ritchey recognizes where bikes need to be stiff, and where they need to comply to the ride when the terrain may get more rigorous. For more than 40 years, riders have known to look to Ritchey bike forks for a truly sublime ride experience.

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As important as the frame that pilots them, Ritchey wheels are as meticulously designed as any component that bears the Ritchey logo. With a careful understanding of the forces that are exerted upon them, Ritchey wheel systems are built with the principal that each piece is to do its job perfectly, with no compromise. The result is a wheel that is reactive and lively within its environment whether it's the trail or tarmac.

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When creating tread profiles for the first Ritchey tires, Tom looked at the way tires wore down to identify where they needed tread the most. The result of this observation is Vector Force Analysis, an approach that had been used in car tire design, but never before with bicycles. From VFA, Tom designed some of the more iconic Ritchey tires, including the Olympic- and world championship-proven SpeedMax and Z-Max treads. Now with robust Stronghold casing and tubeless-ready beads, Ritchey tires are some of the most engaging tires on the market today.

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It's all about the little things that make up the ride—key bike accessories like water bottles and cages, or tools and apparel. Ritchey bike accessories are as honest as the legendary bicycle components that bear the same name. Whether it’s the feature-packed CPR12+ multi-tool or the simple valve extender, Ritchey accessories fit the need of every cyclist.

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It’s rare that an item as simple as a grip can be considered iconic. When the Ritchey True Grip was first released, it quickly became the go-to choice for mountain bikers around the world. Now Ritchey bike grips have expanded to multiple models, featuring different compounds, shapes and widths to accommodate all riders, regardless of their category or discipline.

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Bar Tape

A key accent that can define a bike, handlebar tape choice requires some deliberate consideration. Does one keep it simple and black, or go full Euro-pro with white bar tape and saddle? Perforated or non? Cork? Don't worry, Ritchey has all these options covered with a concise line of high-quality handlebar tape.

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