2018 Ritchey Holiday Gift Guide

It's official. Ready or not, the holiday shopping season is upon us. To ease into this wonderful season, we suggest that you head out for a nice, calming ride before you dive in and start the shopping routine.

To further add a bit of sanity to your annual trudge through the crowded retail landscape, we're happy to present a wise selection of Ritchey goods that we believe will make perfect gifts for friends and family, or…well…for yourself.

Torque Key

Ritchey Torque Key - Gift Guide

It's, "Torque Key." Not, "turkey." Unlike that tasteless, dry bird so often eaten at Christmas dinners all over the world, the Ritchey Torque Key is something you'll actually look forward to…and need…on Christmas day when you settle in to build that new bike you just received.


 Ritchey CPR12+ - Gift Guide

Make sure you look deep inside your stocking on Christmas morning for the CPR12+. This clean, sleek and incredibly useful multi-tool takes up almost no room in your jersey pocket or hydration pack, yet it's an invaluable gift to have at the ready for trail- or road-side repairs.

Race Gel Bar Tape

 Ritchey Race Gel Bar Tape - Gift Guide

Unwrap something a little different this year, such as that dirty and worn-out bar tape that currently surrounds your handlebar. Then immerse yourself in the joy and pleasure of wrapping the Ritchey Race Gel bar tape around that trusty handlebar. It's the gift your bar deserves.

Bar Keeper

Ritchey Bar Keeper - Gift Guide

Get to know a different kind of bar keeper this holiday season, for once. The Ritchey Bar Keeper is a handlebar plug that moonlights as a tire lever. Keeping your expert bar wrap tight and smooth, these bar plugs feature a composite tire lever cleverly attached to the backside of the bar cap, hidden inside your road bike handlebar. There when you need them; out of sight when you don't.

Alpine JB

Ritchey Alpine JB Tire - Gift Guide

If you're riding over to Grandma's house for dinner on Christmas, you'll want a pair of Alpine JB tires mounted to your trusty chariot. The roads you travel will likely frequently switch between smooth tarmac and more rugged terrain, and these tires are just the thing to keep you upright and enjoying your travels. Take the long way and enjoy the ride.

Comp XC Pedals

Ritchey Comp XC Pedal - Gift Guide

Just like the beautiful Christmas lights you'll eventually take down sometime in April, the Ritchey Comp XC pedals come in a wonderful array of brilliant colors. With options sure to color-coordinate with the paint on your favorite bike, these pedals offer easy engagement and top-level performance in all manner of riding conditions.

Break-Away Carbon Outback Frameset

Ritchey Carbon Break-Away Outback - Gift Guide

And finally, for those who have everything but want something a little extra special…something that would allow them to escape Christmas dinner political discussions and bickering, we suggest the Break-Away Carbon Outback. This beautiful carbon fiber adventure bike will offer you an excellent escape from arguing family, so you can regain your sanity while riding your local abandoned roads. It's also easily packable if your respite demands an airplane trip to get away from it all.