As a domestic flight crew member for American Airlines I get the opportunity to travel all over the country with my Break-Away bike. Given my unique position I am able to take the bike on the plane with me and stow it in the overhead bin. In the previous blog (Vol. 12) I have pictures of how I carry it and stow it. I have also traveled on my own time with my Break-Away and had to check it at the counter as a regular passenger. The wonderful thing about traveling with my BA is that it can be checked without paying the extra baggage fee that is associated with flying with a full size road bike travel case. It looks like a large roll-aboard bag or suitcase, so no questions are asked. It has always met the requirements of standard baggage check-in.

I love the simplicity of putting the bike together for a ride. Many times I work 12-14 hour days, and when I finally get to my hotel room it is nice to assemble it quickly and go out for a spin. It is a great way to put the days' work out of my mind and enjoy whatever city I am laying over in. I have always hesitated about getting any sort of "folding bike" or "travel bike", but after the Break-Away came along I was determined to get one. Being a former U.S. National Cycling Team Member I am spoiled when it comes to ride quality and feel. This is the only traveling bike out there on the market that met my high standards. It has the feel, responsiveness and "look" that I desire in a road bike; I can't rave enough about it.

I have had the Break-Away for almost a year and a half now and can't imagine my traveling life without it!