Josh Ibbett - Ritchey

(Welcome to Ritchey Ambassador Local Rides. This is the first part in a series on the Ritchey Blog where Ritchey ambassadors from around the world give us a little glimpse into their favorite local rides – what they've ridden a lot during pandemic lockdowns.)

Words and photos by Josh Ibbett. Lead photo by Keith Perry.

I live in Cambridgeshire in the East of England. It’s a nice area but it's not blessed with mountain passes or mountain bike trails or features that would make someone’s bucket list rides. However, when you scratch below the surface there is more than meets the eye, you just have to go and find it.

My favorite local off-road loop takes in a series of gravel farm tracks and bridle paths linked up with short sections of road. I used to consider this kind of riding bad mountain biking, but with the development of gravel bikes it now makes perfect sense. I can be off-road within a mile of my house onto fast gravel tracks to get warmed up. The next section takes in bridleways around the edge of farmer's field with a few short but sweet sections of singletrack thrown in for good measure.

Next up is a bit of recovery on the road before the big climbs begin. When I say big climbs, I mean 2minutes long, this is Cambridgeshire don’t forget! The loops is completed by another series of farm tracks before the roll back into town.

Josh Ibbett is a world record-setting adventure cyclist and bikepacker. He also likes to race cyclocross. Josh rides Ritchey WCS VentureMax bars and WCS C220 stems.