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  1. The Ritchey Guide to Butted Steel for Bicycle Frames

    Ritchey Butted Tubing

    Double butting. Triple butting. Steel butts. Chicken butts. It may sound funny but butting is serious business and means a lot for your riding. Read up here to learn all about steel tube butting.

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  2. Ritchey at 50 - A Timeline

    Ritchey at 50 - A Timeline

    Part history lesson and part celebration of the 50-year anniversary of when Tom first welded up his own bicycle frame – at 16-years old – here's a comprehensive timeline of the history of Ritchey.

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  3. Ritchey – 50 Years of Creating, Innovating, and Inspiring

    Ritchey 50th Anniversary

    2022 marks the 50th anniversary of Ritchey. Join us as we celebrate the trail Tom blazed and his influence on what we all ride today.

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  4. Introducing Certified Ritchey Assemblers

    Introducing Certified Ritchey Assemblers

    The new Certified Ritchey Assembler program is a collection of shops around Europe and the United Kingdom that offer their communities outstanding service and expert builds of Ritchey frames with legendary Ritchey components. Support your local shop!

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  5. How To Exhibit Proper Cyclocross (Spectating) Technique

    How To Exhibit Proper Cyclocross (Spectating) Technique

    We're overjoyed that cyclocross is back! We're sure you are, too. But maybe you need a refresher on how to best enjoy watching some 'cross? Here are some tips on how to exhibit proper cyclocross fan etiquette.

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  6. A One-Man Mission Of a European Rider in US Cyclocross

    Gosse Van Der Meer - Ritchey

    Ritchey-supported rider Gosse van der Meer is spending the first part of his cyclocross season racing in the United States rather than in Europe. Here's the story in his own words.

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  7. To ‘cross or not to ‘cross

    To ‘cross or not to ‘cross

    Is bike racing a good ride spoiled? Klaus decides to head out to the cyclocross course for some soul searching to see if racing truly, "would simply get in the way of the inherent fun of bike riding."

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  8. Ritchey Bike Check: Ben Frederick's Small Monsters Swiss Cross

    Ben Frederick's Small Monsters Ritchey Swiss Cross

    Ritchey factory rider Ben Frederick shows off his Small Monsters Special Edition Ritchey Swiss Cross that he will be racing for the 2021/22 cyclocross season.

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  9. What is a "Forever Bike"?

    Ritchey Forever Bike

    Just like an old friend, an old bike might not be flawless in every scenario, but that adds to the fun, the subtlety, the nuance of the ride. In this video, Ben Frederick affirms the connection with Ritchey Outback Break-Away by breathing new life into it.

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  10. What do you know about product placement in pro racing?

    Ritchey Cyclocross - Tormans CX Team

    Product placement is everywhere in professional cycling. Sometimes you notice it. Sometimes you don't. We talk with the Tormans CX team about what they know about product and brand visibility.

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