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  1. Ritchey SwissCross at the 3 Peaks Cyclocross Race

    A Ritchey SwissCross was recently spotted at the 3 Peaks Cyclocross Race in Yorkshire.  Who was riding it? None other than the great Thomas Frischknecht!!

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  2. Interbike, Outdoor Demo and a couple Break-Away bicycles

    The guys from Cosmic Sports, a long time Ritchey Distributor partner in Germany, headed to Vegas prepared...with their own transportation.

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  3. Tom Ritchey Break-Away Adventure July 2008

    In July 2008, Tom hit the road to visit some retailers and explore some incredible places to ride. These Break-Away Adventures as Tom likes to call them are where he finds fertile ground for new product ideas. First stop: Ketchum, Idaho for a visit with Scott Bike USA and the Rosso’s of Elephant’s Perch – both, big supporters of Ritchey products.
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  4. Rough Riding in the LA Times

    I am deeply honored to have been featured in a special Health section of the LA Times right after the New Year. I made a point of riding my road bike on one of my favorite fire roads above Brentwood for the photo shoot, which was on December 13, 2007.

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  5. I love my Break-Away bike!

    Dear Ritchey,

    I just wanted to tell you guys at Ritchey how much I love my Break-Away bike! With a travel schedule of about 40% of the time, I find myself looking forward to business trips more then ever. I've owned a Break-Away for several years and I could not have won numerous Masters Nationals titles without this bike.

    I even leave early so I can ride with friends around the country or when I travel to Spain for my wine importing business. The benefits go beyond not being required to pay airline fees, maintaining fitness, & scenic riding. I can put my bike together in about 10 minutes and be out the door in less time then it would take to find a gym and ride some out of date exercise bicycle. I've even done some training races on it.


    Michael Hutchinson

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