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  1. 1987 Ritchey Timber Comp

    I recently stumbled upon this photo of a 1987 Ritchey Timber Comp mountain bike. Excited by the enthusiasm the owner had in his photo caption...along with the praise he received in the photo comments, I reached out to Scott to get the full story on the bike.

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  2. Post Interbike Mountain Bike Trip

    After the Interbike Show in Las Vegas Tom Ritchey and Thomas Frischknecht went on another adventurous trip. Their good friend NOD (gNarly Old Dude), prepared and guided them on a very special trip. He is an Apache Indian with a very interesting history in his life. In the sixties he was a professional musician, now turned painter - who is doing some amazing native art.

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  3. The “Tom-Tom Show” at Downieville

    Tom Ritchey, Thomas Frischknecht and Thomas' son Andri (in his US debut) competed in the All Mountain World Championships at the Downieville Classic this past weekend.

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  4. Reunion at the Downieville Classic

    Tom and his old buddy, Thomas “Frishi” Frischknecht, will be reuniting at this year’s Downieville Classic on July 10-12. Tom and Frishi will battle it out over an epic 29-mile course that begins at an elevation of 4,100’ and climbs up to the crest of the Sierra Nevada at 7,100’ before the course drops down 5,200 vertical feet to the finish in Downieville, CA. This will put another notch in both Tom and Frishi’s belt, as it is there first time racing the Downieville Classic.

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  5. A few more images from Cape Epic Mountain Bike Race

    Check out these pics from the 2009 Cape Epic.

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  6. Tom races Cape Epic Mountain Bike Race in South Africa

    This past Saturday marked the start of the Cape Epic Mountain Bike Race in South Africa, one of the largest, most challenging mountain bike races in the world. A serious challenge for even the most avid cyclists, this eight day, seven stage race traverses over 680km and climbs nearly 14,000m. Last year, Tom partnered with legendary, World Champion mountain biker, Thomas Frischnecht to take on the adventure. This year, Tom partners with Rafiki from Team Rwanda. Tom was honored as the celebrity speaker at the race kick off celebrations.

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  7. Tom Ritchey in the lime light - Klunkerz the film

    Released several years ago, Klunkerz, a documentary about the roots of mountain biking, is drawing renewed attention. The film, written, produced and directed by William (Billy) Savage, follows mountain bike’s “legends” while exploring the foundation and growth of the sport. Elemental in this history, is Tom Ritchey. 

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  8. I love my Break-Away bike!

    Dear Ritchey,

    I just wanted to tell you guys at Ritchey how much I love my Break-Away bike! With a travel schedule of about 40% of the time, I find myself looking forward to business trips more then ever. I've owned a Break-Away for several years and I could not have won numerous Masters Nationals titles without this bike.

    I even leave early so I can ride with friends around the country or when I travel to Spain for my wine importing business. The benefits go beyond not being required to pay airline fees, maintaining fitness, & scenic riding. I can put my bike together in about 10 minutes and be out the door in less time then it would take to find a gym and ride some out of date exercise bicycle. I've even done some training races on it.


    Michael Hutchinson

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