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  1. Tom attends the Nevada City Classic

    The 49th annual Nevada City Classic was held yesterday, June 21st. This race is a landmark on the Northern California racing schedule and attracts many  top riders from across the states. The course offers around 120’ of climbing per 1.1 mile lap with 7 turns and is therefore considered to be one of the most technically and physically challenging 1-day courses in America.

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  2. Interbike, Outdoor Demo and a couple Break-Away bicycles

    The guys from Cosmic Sports, a long time Ritchey Distributor partner in Germany, headed to Vegas prepared...with their own transportation.

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  3. ...can't imagine my traveling life without it!

    As a domestic flight crew member for American Airlines I get the opportunity to travel all over the country with my Break-Away bike. Given my unique position I am able to take the bike on the plane with me and stow it in the overhead bin. In the previous blog (Vol. 12) I have pictures of how I carry it and stow it. I have also traveled on my own time with my Break-Away and had to check it at the counter as a regular passenger. The wonderful thing about traveling with my BA is that it can be checked without paying the extra baggage fee that is associated with flying with a full size road bike travel case. It looks like a large roll-aboard bag or suitcase, so no questions are asked. It has always met the requirements of standard baggage check-in.

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