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    We teamed up with Ornot Clothing and Stinner frameworks on this beautiful collaboration that features our coming soon late tapered disc fork and over-sized external lower headset.

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  2. Carmichael Training Systems on Why They Love Ritchey Bars and Stems

    Carmichael Training Systems on Why They Love Ritchey Bars and Stems

    In the 40 years I’ve been riding, some of the worst non-collision crashes I’ve ever seen (meaning not getting hit by a car or colliding into a mailbox) have resulted from breakage or slippage of a cockpit component. So, while handlebars and stems are sometimes seen as mundane parts of a bike, I take them very seriously. Chris Carmichael talks about why he chooses Ritchey components.

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  3. On Tires and Terrain: Rebecca Gross reviews the Ritchey MTB Tire line

    On Tires and Terrain: Rebecca Gross reviews the Ritchey MTB Tire line

    Trail Bite/Trail Drive – I took this setup out on the rockiest rootiest trail we have and proceeded to climb a steep 40 minute route to the top that begins with wide double track covered in rolling loose rocks to sandy flowing rollers and ends with slick hard-pack single-track intermittent with large step ups. My thoughts were to use the aggressive side knobs to help with picking the way UP through the very skittish rock gardens. The snowy and muddy patches that broke up the trail on the other hand allowed this tire to shine. The bite into the loose surface was secure and the line choice held with minimal slipping. Running this tire under the recommended pressure did make me more prone to pinching a sidewall and I could tell that there was a momentary collapsing of the sidewall in aggressive cornering. Despite this I had zero issues with durability, the sidewalls are thick and able to take this kind of abuse. For the rider who has a steady stream of flats to accompany

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  4. Mission Workshop and Bike Magazine Present Ask A Founder with Tom Ritchey

    Bike Magazine and Mission Workshop present a talk with Tom Ritchey in their "Ask a Founder" series, in which they put one of mountain biking's original characters in front of a crowd for a no-holds-barred Q & A session.

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  5. Beware of Counterfeit Products

    Beware of counterfeit Ritchey products sold through unauthorized channels.

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  6. Voluntary replacement: Ritchey WCS Carbon 1-Bolt Post

    From: Ritchey Design 575 Old County Road San Carlos, CA 94070 650-517-1878 Subject: Voluntary replacement of Ritchey WCS Carbon One-bolt Seatpost

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  7. Philippe Gilberts Custom Bike

    Philippe Gilbert is ready to tackle the cobbles this spring with his custom painted Canyon bike.  This bike was created for Philippe to ride starting at the Ronde van vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders). This is a fantastic looking bike and the photos speak for themselves.

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  8. Rough Riding in the LA Times

    I am deeply honored to have been featured in a special Health section of the LA Times right after the New Year. I made a point of riding my road bike on one of my favorite fire roads above Brentwood for the photo shoot, which was on December 13, 2007.

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  9. Break-Away Owner Travel Tips on How to Pack for Bikepacking

    Looking back, it’s hard to imagine life without my Ritchey Break-Away. As a manager in a high-tech firm, I’ve dragged it literally around the world and to 3 continents in the 3+ years I’ve owned it. It’s made my hectic business travel schedule tolerable —heck, even enjoyable – and I’ve ridden in places I never even knew existed. I’ll never forget some of the experiences I’ve had on my Ritchey: exploring narrow mountain roads on Japan’s Kyushu Island, riding a century through the former East Germany, watching the sun set from atop Mount Hamilton, CA, blasting through traffic in Tokyo and Los Angeles, even placing 3rd in an early-season road race in Oregon. It’s logged well over 125,000 airline miles and who knows how many road miles, and after 3 years and lots of abuse I’m still using the original case (though I am going to get the frame repainted this winter- the baggage handlers have not been kind!). I’ve gotten plenty of curious stares from the clerks at the baggage counter, but never once have I had to pay extra to check the luggage.

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