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  1. Thomas Frischknecht on what to bring bikepacking

    Frischi - Ritchey P-21

    Someone recently asked Thomas Frischknecht what to bring on a multi-day bikepacking trip. Seeing as he just did such an adventure from Switzerland to Italy, he has some ideas. Here he advises us in both words and images on what to bring bikepacking.

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  2. Ritchey Ambassador Local Rides - Josh Ibbett

    Josh Ibbett - Ritchey

    Ritchey Ambassador Local Rides is a new series here on the Ritchey Blog where Ritchey ambassadors from around the world give us a little glimpse into their favorite local rides. First up: bikepacking legend Josh Ibbett!

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  3. Preparing for Pro Cyclocross Racing as a Privateer

    Gosse van der Meer - Cyclocross

    Supported by Ritchey, Gosse van der Meer is a privateer professional cyclocross racer at the elite level around the world. Here's his story and video about how he's trained for the upcoming season during the pandemic.

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  4. Bicycle Adventure and Dodging Typhoons in Japan

    Bicycle Adventure and Dodging Typhoons in Japan

    With a bicycle he built himself for Grinduro Japan, Peter sets out on the adventure of a lifetime that sees him dodging a typhoon, observing a prayer ceremony at a local temple and taking in some breathtaking riding.

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  5. Two Beers with Ritchey - Episode 5

    Two Beers with Ritchey

    Join us for the latest episode of Two Beers With Ritchey, where we enjoy two delicious beers while answering your questions and reply to your comments about Ritchey!

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  6. Two Beers with Ritchey - Episode 4

    Two Beers With Ritchey

    You'e waited long enough for a new one. Yes, here's Episode 4 of Two Beers with Ritchey. Today we talk about frame colors, bar bikes and the upcoming Outback Steel Break-Away!

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  7. Strength in Solitude

    Ritchey - Rebecca Gross

    Professional cyclocross and mountain bike racer Rebecca Gross takes a mindful look inward to contemplate how cycling can spark new significance for everyone amid the pandemic.

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  8. 500km To Go

    Ritchey Road Logic Ltd Edition

    Finally free to ride beyond the boundaries of his hometown after COVID-19 restrictions eased in France, Thomas set out to honor a deceased loved one with a 500-kilometer ride on a route in the shape of a heart. Here's his story.

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  9. Grass Up the Middle - In Search of the Holy Grail

    Ritchey Rough Stuff

    In the true spirit of Ritchey and Tom Ritchey himself, we take a look at a group of cyclists who strip it all back to the bare bones of what it is to ride a bike. Rough stuff-style.

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  10. Two Beers with Ritchey - Episode 3

    Two Beers with Ritchey

    Episode 3 is here! We answer your questions about any and all things Ritchey-related, bike, or just plain off topic.

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