RITCHEY INTERNATIONAL SAGL (Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa)

Ritchey International Warranty Policy Under European consumer law the purchaser has full statutory warranty rights for two years from the delivery of the Ritchey product. Your dealer is liable for any lack of conformity with the contract, namely that your purchased product is free of faults, which are impairing its worth or its typical use. In case of a lack of conformity you may require the dealer to repair the product or to replace it, unless this is impossible or disproportionate. Otherwise you may require an appropriate reduction of the price or have the contract rescinded, the latter being excluded if the lack of conformity is minor.

This warranty is valid in states having adopted applicable European Union (EU) regulations into national legislation. The applicable national legislation governing the sale of consumer goods is not affected by this guarantee. Please ask your dealer about the applicable provisions in your country.

Warranty claims will only be accepted if the bicycle or component has been used for its intended purpose. Any bicycle or component used for an unintended purpose will not be eligible for warranty protection.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from wear (i.e. tire tread wear, bearing wear, rim surface wear, or any other wear or deterioration that is a result of regular use of the product), corrosion, neglect (insufficient care and maintenance), accidents, stress caused by overloading or over-torque, incorrect mounting or improper treatment or damage or malfunction resulting from changes or modifications made to the bicycle or component. For additional information, note the instructions in your product manual, or consult your dealer.

For all warranty inquiries or claims, in order to benefit from your rights, you must address the claim to the dealer from which you purchased the Ritchey product within a period of two months from the date on which you detected its lack of conformity with the terms of the warranty. You must include your original proof of purchase when initiating your claim with the dealer from which the Ritchey product was purchased.


Ritchey products have been developed and manufactured with great care and have been subject to quality assurance and control tests to help ensure that your Ritchey product performs as it is meant to. Our products are examined and tested both internally and by external neutral test laboratories on an ongoing basis.

We warrant, in addition to above outlined statutory warranty, that your Ritchey product is free of faults or manufacturing defects for 2 years from the purchase date. This warranty does not cover grips, bar tape and tires, or any part of our products that are subject to wear as a part of their function (bearings, rim braking surfaces, tire tread, chainring wear, or the normal breakdown of foam in saddles). You shall be entitled to have your product repaired or replaced subject to the following conditions:

  • The manufacturers guarantee only applies to claims made by the initial buyer upon presentation of the original sales receipt, which must show the date of purchase, dealer address, price paid, and product model name and/or number.
  • Warranty claims will only be accepted if the Ritchey product and/or bicycle has been used for its intended purpose.


Ritchey frames have a Limited Five Year Warranty on the frame and a Limited One Year Warranty on paint. This warranty applies to the original owner starting at the original date of purchase. During this time Ritchey will repair or replace, at its discretion, a frame deemed by Ritchey to be subject to warranty. This warranty is not transferable and does not cover neglect, abuse, improper maintenance or modification, use beyond the frames intended purpose, or normal wear and tear. Warranty claims require proof of purchase and should be submitted to the original seller for evaluation.


  • Wear as a part of the product's normal function (as noted in the section below entitled "A note on wear")
  • Neglect (insufficient care and maintenance)
  • Accidents including falls, regardless of who or what was responsible for the accident
  • Overstress caused by overloading orover-torque
  • Incorrect mounting or improper treatment or damage resulting from changes or modifications made to the bicycle or component (i.e. cutting the handlebar or seatpost, filing or drilling of any kind, and other modifications that can have structural, strength, or safety implications of any sort)

Please pay attention to the instructions in your Ritchey product manual and to the note on wear below. The warranty is null and void in any case where the mounting/installation instructions are ignored, or where inspection intervals are not adhered to, or in cases where the bicycle or component is not maintained with sufficient care.

In the event of all warranty claims, Ritchey reserves the right to provide a bicycle or component of an equivalent or greater quality in an available colour or model. Ritchey does not guarantee that we will be able to replace your warranted product with an identical replacement. This warranty does not cover assembly or refitting costs, nor any costs relating to new accessories, upgrades, replacements or modifications that may be required in order to put a component or frame replaced through warranty back into use.

This warranty does not cover labour and transport costs, nor does it cover follow-up costs resulting from subsequent product compatibility problems, defects, or any other costs associated with the warranty claim.

For all warranty claims please initiate the claim with your dealer, who will instruct you on whether or not you have a valid warranty claim, and the correct warranty procedure. If you are unable to contact your dealer, you can contact Ritchey directly as indicated below.


Components on bicycles are subject to wear due to their function. The rate of wear will depend on care and maintenance, the bike's usage and the environment it is exposed to such as rain, mud, dust, and sand. Some components require regular care and maintenance, but despite the best maintenance program, all components will eventually reach the end of their serviceable life, depending on conditions and intensity of use.

The following Ritchey parts are subject to wear due to their function and are not covered for wear as described under this warranty:


Grips and bar tape / Compression, abrasion and contamination

Tires / Tread, sidewall, or bead wear

Pedals / Mechanical wear due to engagement and disengagement, Worn out bearings

Pedal Cleats / Mechanical wear due to engagement and disengagement, and wear due to walking on hard surfaces

Saddle / Abrasion and wear from falls and general use, and contamination from water and dirt

Chain rings / Mechanical wear between chain and chain rings

Brake pads / Abrasion between brake pad and braking surface

Rims of bikes with rim brakes* / Abrasion caused by brake pads

Hubs / Worn out bearings and rotating parts (i.e. freehub body)

Headsets / Worn out bearings

Wheels / Corrosion caused by tubeless sealant

*DANGER: If you use rim brakes, check the rim's braking surface regularly. Some rims have wear indicators that become visible when the rim has reached its safe limit of wear. Rim walls that become deformed or show small cracks have reached the end of their service life and must be replaced. A good rule of thumb is to examine (or ask your bicycle dealer to do so) the remaining thickness of the braking surface of your rims before your second set of brake pads is worn out.

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