Doug Grant’s 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda

Tom and Martha recently attended the 8th Annual 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda in Southern California. The ride promoters have raised over $120,000 for Project Rwanda this year alone!

Scott, TR and Owen[/caption] Scott Nydam and Owen Leimbach were both in attendance and very big supporters of Team Rwanda.

The ride is very well attended and is the largest event that Oakley hosts on their property. Tom says this 50 mile course is definitely not a cakewalk. Lots of climbing and steep pitches with the addition of rainfall the night before, the course had a fair share of slick mud to add to the fun. At one point, Tom tweaked his chain worse than ever before in his years of riding. Beyond repair, he was lucky to be carrying extra links and was able to get the Double-Switchback Tandem back up and running to finish the ride.

The Ritchey Double-Switchback Break-Away Tandem is the perfect bike for Tom and Martha. They often run it with 700c road tires and drop bars, but for this event they opted for 650b wheels with WCS Shield 2.1 tires and flat bars. Tom and Martha are already looking forward to the 9th annual ride!