Ritchey 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Ready or not, the Holidays are here! Thankfully, your friendly staff of Ritchey Holiday Experts has assembled a collection of products that we would, personally, like to unwrap this holiday season. And if we like them, we're confident you'll like them, too. Cheers!

Torque Key

Nothing is worse than the sound of crunching carbon or the pop of a stripped bolt emanating from the garage, followed by some choice muffled explicatives. Best way to mitigate that is with the Ritchey Torq Key. Preset to the exact load necessary for securing your cockpit, Torq Key comes with six interchangeable bits for a variety of bolt or screw head interfaces. Check it out.


With gravel being all the rage, Beacon is the go-to bar for Ritchey riders looking for the control of a wider drop without sacrificing reach. The ovalized top section offers a comfortable resting place while also allowing for enough real estate for attaching any bar bag of your preference. Buy now.

Weihenstephan Vitus

Founded in 1040, Weihenstaphen Brewery has been brewing monastic beers with recipes dating back to as early as 740AD. With the art of perfection nearly at hand, it’s no wonder one of Tom's favorite beers is the Weizenbock Vitus. A medium body, strong wheat beer that packs a 7.7% alcohol content punch, its warm oaky notes make this an ideal beer for winter enjoyment. Learn more...


Putting in big miles shouldn’t be a pain in the ass - at  least according to Tom. That’s why every Ritchey saddle features Vector Wing technology; a buttress system designed to move ride noise away from the sit bones allowing for greater comfort. The Skyline saddle is no different. Now with an injection molded shell for better support and a perennial cut out for pressure relief, leave the soreness behind. Buy now!

Classic Zero Post

Ever wonder why all the silver posts had set back when your carbon one doesn’t? Yeah, we thought that was weird too. Dial in your perfect fit with the Classic Zero post. Its fore and aft bolts allow you to adjust your saddle angle perfectly with no guess work. So now your sophisticated whip looks and feels good. Get one now!

Café Bustello

Look, sometimes you just want a damn cup of coffee. Since the early 1900’s from their humble beginning in New York’s East Harlem, Cafe Bustelo has been the darling of bodegas and corner stores across America. Brew it how you like, this dark roast coffee delights with smokey hints of chocolate and nutmeg without overpowering the senses. However, Bustelo truly shines as an espresso enjoyed with a small dulce ahead of a long day in the saddle. Learn more about this great coffee...

Comp Zeta Disc

All the technological benefits of WCS wheels of you've come to love wrapped up in an easily digestible price tag. Whether for an alternate tire set up or daily drivers, Comp Zeta Disc wheels are the gift that truly keeps giving. Get rolling now!


Yeah, exactly. Yams. High in fiber and 158 calories per cup (about 135 grams) yams are packed with amino acids and a variety of antioxidant vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown yams are particularly beneficial in regulating blood glucose levels - that means your likelihood of bonking due to sugar spike from all those gels and goos is mitigated when replacing those with yams. Bake until soft, cut open, add Himilayan salt (added minerals), pumpkin pie spice (for added flavor) and wrap up in wax paper to be stuffed in your jersey pocket and enjoy mid-ride. Sounds good, right?

European Holiday Sale!

Finally, let's not forget that the 2020 Ritchey Holiday Sale is now live in Europe. Hit this link to see a list of all your favorite Ritchey products on sale at a nice discount - framesets, riding kit, t-shirts, wheels, handlebars, stems and more!